Light Show, Installation, 2011

Light Show, 2011

Mixed Media Installation with Lights

“With this series of sculptural lightboxes, I hope to create a conceptual experience for the viewer. The cast shadows on the wall represent  the actual artwork, which the viewer can interpret individually. However, I included an intentional aesthetic quality within each of the sculptures that also serve as lightboxes.

“I enjoy combining sculptural and pictorial elements when working in three dimensions and hope to replicate this artistic style in Light Show. Working with mixed media material is a relatively new experience for me, but the flexibility of using mixed media allows me the ability to turn five sculptures into an installation.

“As I am also a painter, being able to paint with light and shadow was a gratifying experience. Breaking away from the conventional treatment of the gallery by using the wall itself as the environment to display art has been a new and intriguing idea in my artwork and installation.”