Intermediate Level Yoga Classes

These practices offer a bit more challenge for the seasoned yogi. Being familiar with names of postures, general alignment, and a commitment to the breath is required for these intermediate level classes. Here you can find Vinyasa Flow practices, as well as more challenging Hatha sequences. Listen to your body; move with intention, modify when necessary, know your limits, and challenge yourself when it feels good.

This class features some intermediate postures that will test your upper body strength.

In this session, we discuss a yoga practice vs a yoga flow (both are technically practices, tbh) and I break down a smooth flow sequence that challenges our balance and our ability to focus our breath as it guides our movements. This video is arranged differently than my other videos. If you like this new breakdown, please let me know and I will make more like it!

A challenging, yet fun sequence! Stephanie suggests that you be familiar with some more advanced yoga postures and their alignments before enjoying this class.
As mentioned in the video, here are the postures included within the flow segment of this class:
Mountain ➡️ One Leg Balance (Opposite Knee to Chest) ➡️ Warrior III ➡️ One Leg Balance with opposite leg extension ➡️ Warrior III ➡️ High Lunge, pulsing back leg and arm circles ➡️ Extended standing lunge ➡️ Cactus Arms ➡️ Standing Split ➡️ Half Moon/Sugar Cane ➡️ Runner’s lunge ➡️ Side Plank Variation ➡️ Side Plank ➡️ Wild Thing ➡️ Side Plank ➡️ Plank ➡️ Downward Facing Dog ➡️ Hop to top of mat ➡️ Crow (Round 1)/Dragonfly (Round 2)

Float, fly, and flex those hips in this flow that features one of Stephanie’s favorite standing balances, Svarga Dvijasana or Bird of Paradise. This is an advanced posture, but with modification options and a slow entry explanation, you can find yourself floating up in no time!

This intermediate level class focuses on finding balance within challenge, featuring more advanced transitions between postures like side plank, cow face, and eagle.

Enjoy full body awareness and engagement in this intermediate level Vinyasa class.

Find energy and focus in this intermediate level Vinyasa class.