Guided Meditations

Unwind your mind and find clarity within. These brief, guided meditations are designed to help you quiet your thoughts, creating space to receive inner guidance and inspiration.

Designed specifically to help you through moments of anxiety, Stephanie incorporates some of her personal processes to find security within the breath and calming within the mind.

Feeling stuck? And I don’t just mean at home. Whether you’re a working artist or a DIY newbie, we can all run into creative ruts. This guided meditation will help you to clear your mind, creating space for fresh inspo using visualization techniques and deep breathing. Please note that the “white noise” in the background is not an audio discrepancy, it’s from an actual waterfall nearby 😊

Join Stephanie in a discussion about what it means to “observe”, a phrase we use quite often in yoga, and exploring ideas surrounding Ajna chakra and the pineal gland. Stephanie then leads you through a brief, guided meditation accompanied by sounds of nature, a perfect way to calm your mind at the end of the day.

It’s March 2020 and with the global threat of covid-19, we are living in some very uncertain times. In this brief video, Stephanie will guide you through some calming breathing techniques, a few simple movements and stretches, and some mantra work. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed at work or at home (or working from home these days!), this video can help you to ground down and to be present with your feelings and movements with methods that will hopefully become tools that you can use to manage your stress and anxiety.