Chakra Series

These 7 practice sessions are designed for any yogi looking to explore activation and balance within the body’s energetic centers, also known as the chakras.


This practice is centered around bringing balance and awareness to the areas of the body that are governed by the Muladhara or Root Chakra. We will explore postures that are grounding and strengthening, as well as incorporate the Muladhara Bandha within these movements.

Get ready to dive deep as we begin the process of ascension up through the chakras. The sacral chakra is where our desires, urges, and emotions originate. This class builds off of the stabilizing Muladhara practice and allows us to get familiar with finding balance between the polarities of these energies and allow prana to flow smoothly within the body. Cultivating awareness of sensation and feeling brings consciousness into the material body.

Moving our way energetically up the body, this class will focus on combining matter (the body), consciousness (feelings/emotions), and energy. After laying the foundation for grounded awareness, we will now begin to add fire to our practice through exploration of the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra.

As we move to the central point of our energy centers, we will integrate the lessons learned over the previous three classes to find expansion, reception, and joy with in our practice. The Anahata chakra governs our hearts and our compassion. Bringing balance to this area helps us love unconditionally, find forgiveness, and experience empathy… who doesn’t need more of that in the world?

This class follows themes of creative expression, not just through the words that we speak, but the energy we put out into our practice and into the world. We will engage our inner and outer voices through the use of mantra and chanting om, as well as explore ways that we can create space for the breath.
One of the ways that we can practice yoga off the mat is in learning how to manage our perspective, or drishti. In our asana practice, our drishti can help us to focus our gaze, enabling us to find balance, but in our day-to-day lives it can help us to find a positive outlook on what is around us. Keeping our mind’s eye healthy is a crucial part of our existence and adds to the health of our bodies as well. This practice allows us to connect with the “Third Eye.”