All Levels Hatha Yoga Classes

For beginner’s and beyond, these mindful movement classes focus on finding safe alignment and connection to the breath. Stephanie offers thorough explanations throughout the practice to keep you focused and informed. Class content ranges from emphasis on targeting specific areas of the body to incorporating intention and reflection within the practice.

In this chair yoga class, we take an even more conservative approach to movement. A great way to begin introducing small stretches while recovering from an ankle injury. We also work into the core and upper body to get the blood flowing and to cultivate healing energy.

We made it to 2021! Enjoy a stretch for your hips and lower back in this practice.

Stretch out those hammies in this leg-centric vinyasa class.

This slow and steady class focuses on the arms and shoulders, using the breath to explore sensation and build awareness within these muscle groups.

This class workshops postures to help strengthen and stretch the SI Joint of the pelvis. I apologize for the video quality. As I shot this in late afternoon, it gets a little dark, but I do turn a light on eventually. 😂 One woman show over here.

This class breaks down a flow sequence that is accessible to beginners and beyond! We explore concepts of creative flow within movement.

This full length class takes things slowly and deeply (go ahead and giggle). Spend time getting to know and observe the muscles of your side body. The stretch is deep and the flow is slow.

In this class, we modify our practice with the use of a chair. This sequence was crafted with special attention to any injury or sensitivity in the ankles.

In this not-quite-yoga practice, Stephanie shares her daily movement routine.

In this class, we experiment with variations on the shape we make when in postures like Reclined Bridge, Camel, Locust, and Dancer. This class runs more like a workshop than a regular flow session, but we will break down different modifications for these variations using props such as a strap and the wall.

This class features a couple of advanced asanas, but through the use of props and wall, they can be accessible to those who are new to practicing them!

You’ll be feeling the burn after this one! Engage all parts of the core to find strength and balance.

Find flow in this easy vinyasa-style practice that’s accessible to all levels.

This class focuses on creating space and strength in the upper body.

Slow down your practice today, get reflective, and settle into the sensation.

The muscles of the side body, the quadratus lumborum, work in harmonious opposition to one another. When one side is in flexion, the other side is in extension (as with many muscle groups of the body). It is essential to be mindful of the sensation in both sides, finding balance between stretch and strength.

Expand through your center and shine your light into the world with this heart-opening sequence. The reflective nature of the full moon in Scorpio allows us to courageously assess and accept our emotional energy.

Greeting the season of renewal! Move through several rounds of sun salutations and uplifting postures in this pleasant and inspired flow.

Get ready to feel the burn! This class will help you to build foundational awareness in your connection to the mat, as well as energetically engage the muscles that support the pelvis.

In a single 24 hour period, we can experience an overwhelming amount of emotions. Amplify this by a week and it can leave your head spinning. Whether or not you have methods of coping with the range of ups and downs that this quarantine period is bringing to our lives, it’s still possible to run up against moments of complete disarray. For some of us, the time we spend on our yoga mats may be the only time we have to give to ourselves. This session is a chance for you to look within, to find find a sense of peace within your movements, your intentions, and your breath.

Open up your shoulders and find expression through the thoracic spine in this uplifting class.

My wonderful friends at ADK Pub & Brew asked for a special edition class to post on their social media and I also wanted to share it with all of you! Detox & Retox is one of my regular classes, held at the brewery Sundays at 11am. I look forward to when we can get back there in person, but in the meantime, this is a special shout out to my ADK crew! Miss you guys and look forward to when we can all flow together again 🍻

The title says it all. Chill out, wind down, and find expansion through this mellow, hip-centric session. Grab some pillows or a bolster and allow yourself some time for self-reflection while holding postures like lizard and pigeon. Be present with what you feel, physically and emotionally as you connect with the breath.

Happy new moon blessings! This session will guide you through some variations of moon salutations (get ready to take a trip around your mat!). Moon salutations are a great way to go inside within a posture and allow yourself some time for self-reflection. This is a chance to be all up in your head in a healthy way, leaving behind your anxieties and uncertainties for conscious, intentional movement.

Happy Spring! Follow along with Stephanie in this sequence designed to lengthen and strengthen your legs. A great flow to prepare you for hiking season!

Energize your morning with this sequence focused on firing up your core! Connect with all parts of the core, stretching and strengthening, with this feel good practice that will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated!