30 Minute Flow Sessions

Join Stephanie in this series of 30 minute practices. These mini-classes are a great way to bring energy and movement to your day. Having a basic knowledge of posture names and safe alignment is suggested for these sequences. If you are brand new to yoga, check out Stephanie’s ongoing beginners’ series Yoga Foundations to develop a safe and informed practice.

This quick session is sure to energize your practice. Please note that there is no formal warm up included with this class. I HIGHLY recommend that you do some sort of warm up/stretching before participating. Check out my video “Daily Movement Routine” for the perfect way to prep for this class.

This is a more dynamic, hip-centric class with an emphasis on movement and strength within the complex muscles of the hips.

Have you been sitting too much lately? This class is a great way to fix your slouch and open up space in the upper spine!

Happy bold and bright Leo season! In this class, we will mindfully move through ten rounds of sun salutations to draw in the strong solar energy. Please note that I experienced some technical difficulties filming this class so there are a few editing discrepancies, as well as some background noise.

Most of us haven’t been doing a lot of traveling lately, and we probably shouldn’t, BUT as some states begin to open up and opportunities to visit our families and friends arise, we may find ourselves in the car for several hours. This class is designed to help release any tension or stagnant energy that may build within the body during these long journeys.

This class focuses on strengthening through the lower body, specifically the feet and toes as we explore our balance in postures like Virabhadrasna III (Warrior III) and Garudasana (Eagle).

This compact class packs in some deep hip stretches, allowing time to reflect on sensation within the postures.

April 22, 2020