Online Classes


Stephanie is excited to be able to expand her classes to the digital world. The following content is available to you for free and features full-length yoga classes as well as mini sequences, discussions, and meditations. This online presence is a new undertaking, so please be patient as we figure out formatting and appearance.

We are certainly living in some unprecedented times as the worlds faces the threat of covid-19 and now more than ever do we need to incorporate wellness practices and connections into our lives.

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An important reminder before you watch…

Please check with a doctor before introducing the physical aspect of yoga to your life to make sure that it is right for you! If at any point throughout the practice you feel pain or discomfort, we urge you to slowly and safely find a more comfortable position. Please know that you are practicing at your own risk and Sasaphras Yoga will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained. Listen to your body, recognize your limits, and take modifications when necessary.