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Yoga Community,

It has been one year of learning how to transition our lives around covid, no small feat to say the least. At this time, we have not resumed in-person indoor yoga classes out of safety for our community. We hope this will change soon and look forward to when we can all meet again! As soon as the weather permits, we will have a few different locations for outdoor classes! Stay tuned for more information!

Did you know about our donation-based online classes? We offer a range of practices from guided meditations to intermediate Vinyasa sequences to a series for beginners, as well as our traditional Hatha classes. Click here to find something to add to your home practice!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for content that YOU would like to see during this transition, please reach out!

Stay clean, stay healthy, stay positive!

Is Yoga For You?

Flexibility, strength, balance, peace of mind… Need I say more?

Yoga is helpful in so many ways that it’s hard to think of a reason not to develop your own practice. With our busy lives, it’s necessary to take some time out of the day to give ourselves something good.

More than just fitness, yoga is the union of movement, breath, and intention. In a world with increasing connection to each other, we often find less time to devote to self-care. Coming to the mat, whether it be 15 minutes at home or an hour in a class, allows us to turn our focus inward and gift ourselves with loving awareness.

Sasaphras Yoga offers creative and accessible classes that emphasize safe body alignment and allow you to develop a relationship with breath, movement, and intention to fuel and guide you deeper into your practice.

Find a class for you!

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