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NEW WORKSHOP ALERT! Beginners’ Hoop Flow Workshop I

Watch the video below to learn all about it.

Beginners Hoop Promo FINAL – HD 720p

Preregister HERE for Beginners’ Hoop Flow Workshop I

We are so pleased to announce the return of in-person classes! After living through the chaos and uncertainty of the past year, we could all use a little more peace and presence. Check out our calendar to find a class that you can join or check out one of our online classes to practice from the comfort of your own home.

The CDC recently announced that fully vaccinated people can begin to resume indoor activity gatherings, including yoga classes! While we are beyond thrilled to be able to move back inside, there are a few things to note…

We understand that not everyone is vaccinated and we are not here to judge anyone’s personal decision.

In order to make this safe for our participants, our families, and communities, as well as adhere to the CDC’s regulation lest we risk getting shut down or reported, we do ask at this time that only those who have been fully vaccinated participate in our indoor classes.

There are a few safety things to keep in mind, even for those who are fully vaccinated:

  • If you feel sick, STAY HOME
  • There are bathrooms and hand sanitizer available on site, please feel free to clean your hands at any time
  • Stephanie will NOT ask to see proof of vaccination, but is placing her trust in you all to be honest and respectful 

Is Yoga For You?

Yoga is helpful in so many ways that it’s hard to think of a reason not to develop your own practice. With our busy lives, it’s necessary to take some time out of the day to give ourselves something good.

More than just fitness, yoga is the union of movement, breath, and intention. In a world with increasing connection to each other, we often find less time to devote to self-care. Coming to the mat, whether it be 15 minutes at home or an hour in a class, allows us to turn our focus inward and gift ourselves with loving awareness. With regular practice, we can learn to take yoga beyond the mat and apply its philosophies to our daily lives.

Sasaphras Yoga offers creative and accessible classes that emphasize safe body alignment and allow you to develop a relationship with breath, movement, and intention to fuel and guide you deeper into your practice.

Find a class for you!

Upcoming Classes

11am ADK Pub & Brewery

Adirondack Pub and Brewery
November 28 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

530pm Bolton

Bolton Landing Conservation Club
November 29 at 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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